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Missing Person Services

“Living Life by the Golden Rule"

My Son Christopher


I have traveled a hard-long journey for over 14 years now, each family has their own story to tell and this is mine about Christopher. As a parent my soul has cried out for relief from the pain and confusion that I felt deep within. I have on many occasions held myself accountable for the outcome of our son's life. A million questions have circulated around in my thoughts throughout the years, I refer to them as the"what if 's" we had done things differently, tried a different rehab center and that is just to name a few the bottom line is in the end the realization hit me like a ton of bricks, it would have made no difference whatsoever.

There are no instructional guidelines for a parent on how to deal with a situation such as mine the only comfort that I have found is to continually pray for the safety of my child wherever he may be and attempt to maintain my own sanity in the process.

Christopher is my youngest son of five children, as a teenager he began to experiment with drugs moving from marijuana in middle school to graduating to hard core drugs by high school and everything else in-between.  I am here to tell other parents that have similar situations children do make horrific harmful choices in life and it does not matter whether it is drugs, prostitution, running away multiple times, not taking their medications for mental health issues as prescribed or just walking away. The cold harsh reality is that sometimes no matter how hard a parent attempts to save their child from self destruction, if that child is hell bent on destroying their lives there is nothing on the face of this earth that you or I or anyone else for that matter can do, except to pray that they will come to their senses before it is too late.

Christopher disappeared on a cold dismal day in the winter of December 2006, it was the same day that my Father passed away. My son stated to me that he was going back to his residence to gather some personal clothing for his Grandfather’s approaching funeral service. Christopher hugged me and kissed me on my cheek and stated that he was sorry for the loss of my father and that he would return shortly.

That is the last time I have laid eyes on my son, all his clothing, personal effects and identification were left behind. It took many years filled with fear, tears and prayers for me to receive word that Christopher is alive. By choice Christopher has chosen to become a transient from state to state, living by  factitious names, and by his own admission has lived in a tent in the woods and has ate food out of dumpsters as he continues to battle with his addiction.

That is why I am now focusing on assisting other families and friends of missing loved ones, is because I do care and  completely understand the stigma that is associated with the missing that have or had issues in the past. Regardless these are still our loved ones and we need to find them or at the very least verify that they are okay.

Each families’ story is different but we all have stories to tell about the disappearance of our missing loved one with the hope that someone, somewhere knows something and comes forth to share what they know. That is what happened for us and maybe it could happen for you as well.

In closing I have resolved myself to the fact that I am completely powerless over the situation with Christopher and to let go and let God. I do not mind sharing my story about my son because I want to give others hope that your loved one may also be out there alive for extended periods of time because the reality is this not all missing persons have met with a tragic ending and I pray that will be the case for your loved one also.

If I had to one word of advice to pass on is to never give up and keep moving forward hold on to hope like a life perserver until you get the answers that you and your family deserve.

Much Love,

Christopher’s Mother - Terri


Update 4/13/2021

After many years we have received a phone call from Christopher he is still battling with his addictions but according to him and a no nonsense support team it appears that he is making strides in the right direction. All I can do is hope and pray that this time it will stick and that will he find the inner strenght and power to continue on a path of healing.